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Outside Padme's family home, Pooja (Hayley Mooy) and Ryoo Naberrie (Keira Wingate) enjoy the company of R2-D2 in a noted deleted scene from EPISODE II.

Taking a much welcome respite from both the darkness and important political decision-making surrounding her, Padme Amidala lets her true self show when she brings her Jedi protector Anakin Skywalker along with her to a peaceful suburban area of Naboo to meet her parents, sister and her nieces. A charming sequence, ultimately cut for ongoing problematic time and pacing reasons (filmed at the Australian FOX Studios and with location scenes at Lake Como, Italy in 2000), this would have helped further develop Padme's character whilst solidifying her own secret affection for the handsome Anakin, a fact that doesn't go unrecognised by her loving family, nor the potential building danger of her current in-hiding situation...

Arriving at the district house containing Padme's family, on the outskirts of Theed City on Naboo.

Despite their roles being cut, kudos to Prequels casting director Robin Gurland for the choice of fine local Australian talent playing Padme's family. Bar Claudia Karvan's character, the rest of the onscreen family would briefly return for their daughter's onscreen funeral on Naboo, at the end of Revenge of the Sith

Padme enjoys a warm reunion with her older sister.

The duo watch as Anakin enters the dining area.

Anakin meets the intrigued Naberrie women.

The playfully inquisitive Sola (Claudia Karvan) soon teases her sister Padme about the handsome young man in her life.

Anakin enjoys the family atmosphere he wishes he could've had as a child, in a lovely moment adding further nuance to his character.

Padme's father Ruwee Naberrie (Graeme Blundell) readies dinners at table.

The meal begins as curiosity about Padme and Anakins's friendship and his protectorate status are asked.

A lovely shot of Natalie Portman from the scene.

Jobal (actress and singer Trisha Noble) is worried when she hears that her daughter's life is in danger, which Padme tries to play down... 

... yet Anakin must ultimately convey the seriousness of the situation to the family to her father.

A seasoned former diplomat, Ruwee confers with Anakin about Padme's situation with Anakin, in a scene filmed on location at a luxury house and its gardens at Lake Como, Italy.

Sola sees Padme's clear affection for her Jedi protector.

A brief moment that appeared in one of Episode II's first trailers.

Natalie Portman has fun being directed on set by George Lucas in 2000.

Natalie Portman's deleted scene wardrobe as Padme.

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