Friday 29 December 2023


Barrie Holland, in one of two Imperial roles for Return of the Jedi's filming at Elstree Studios.

Sad news for the end of the year, and the closing celebrations of Return of the Jedi's landmark 30th Anniversary, as the announcement was made today of British background artist legend and cult favourite Barrie Holland's passing, at the age of 85. Holland played the now legendary Jedi Imperial figure Lt. Renz, who captured Han and Leia inside the Imperial Shield Generator bunker on Endor and delivered to them the classic, nay infamous, line that was, "You rebel scum!" Though his voiced line was later dubbed in post production, it was nonetheless a moment that the artiste was thrilled to do and which enjoyed an hilarious on-set response from Harrison Ford in one classic 1982 scene outtake that surfaced onto Blu-ray in 2011. 

Lt. Renz confronts the now captured General Solo and Leia Organa.

Especially a lover of classic films and selected TV, Holland enjoyed his background artist career to the full, and was to appear within a wide variety of classic films made in the UK, including the likes of The Shining, Batman (1989), Chariots of Fire, several James Bond adventures, Superman III and Raiders of the Lost Ark, amongst many other greats. He always enjoyed telling lots of anecdotes to fans about his time in the industry (plus the many luminaries he met along the way) and would certainly be quite the signing attraction of the Official Pix autograph table at the Los Angeles Celebration IV event when making his first surprise convention appearance there in 2007, followed by further success a few months later at London's Celebration Europe, followed by a smaller 2008 German event, Jedi Con, that proved to be enormous fun for fans and guests. Further conventions worldwide would follow for years to come, of which Holland's autograph was always a must-have for fans.

Holland's often-seen portfolio image.

R.I.P., Barrie. If there is indeed a heaven (or Force netherworld), we hope you're having a helluva good time up there chatting with all the classic stars of Hollywood and beyond...

Lieutenant Renz Actor Barrie Holland Dies, Aged 85 - Jedi News

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